Two Men found guilty of Anti-Arab hate crime against Muslim family in Mississauga, Ontario

Two Men found guilty of Anti-Arab hate crime against Muslim family in Mississauga, Ontario

On July 15, 2018, a Muslim family in Mississauga, Ontario was viciously attacked while enjoying a summer evening at their local community center. On January 31st, 2023, the attackers were found guilty of aggravated assault and assault at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Brampton. The judge noted that the crimes were motivated by anti-Arab hate.

Mohammed Abu Marzouk, who was 39 years old at the time, lost consciousness and sustained life-threatening injuries in the attack. His wife, who wears the hijab, was also kicked, and their children witnessed the attack. The family has struggled in the aftermath of the incident and has been left to face physical, mental, social, and financial difficulties alone.

The National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) welcomed the verdict and called for sustained support for victims of hateful attacks. NCCM has been advocating for a National Support Fund for Victims of Hate-Motivated Crimes administered at the federal level to help victims return to a sense of healing and normalcy. The organization says that survivors deserve help, and the country needs to do more than offer words and condolences.

Though the Abu Marzouk case received some initial media coverage in the summer of 2018, the reality is that victims of Islamophobic attacks often face years of difficulties and hardships that go largely unnoticed. NCCM urges Ottawa to take a leadership role and create a support fund to help these survivors get back on their feet.

The Abu Marzouk family is thankfully on the road to recovery, but they represent one of many cases in Canada where Islamophobia continues to rise. NCCM says that the country must do more to fight this dangerous threat.

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Pair found guilty in anti-Arab beating of Ontario father, family says act showed ‘darkest side of humanity’ | CBC News
Two men charged in the 2018 assault of a Mississauga father of two who was beaten within an inch of his life have been found guilty of aggravated assault but not guilty of attempted murder.