Majority of Canadians support a ceasefire

Majority of Canadians support a ceasefire

It's clear Canadians want an end to the violence in Gaza.

A new poll commissioned by NCCM and conducted by Mainstreet Research shows that over 71% of Canadians support the call for a ceasefire.

A majority of Liberal, NDP, and Conservative voters also want Canada to call for a ceasefire.

"The numbers are undeniable," said Stephen Brown, CEO of the National Council of Canadian Muslims, "Asked in a number of different ways, it is clear that Canadians have spoken. They do not support more war. They want us to push for peace. Will politicians of all political stripes respond to the call of the people?"

"We will keep pushing for the wish of the majority of Canadians, which is a ceasefire now. Follow our action alerts to demand the government follow through on these clear demands."