Lives lived: Zora Moneer

Lives lived: Zora Moneer

By Umar Nasir

Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuhu.

We gather today to remember the remarkable life of a woman whose love and warmth touched us all deeply.

Our beloved grandmother always wore a smile that could brighten the darkest of days.

She had an incredible talent for bringing joy into our lives, and her love language was undoubtedly food. Her culinary skills were unmatched, but it was mittai that stood out the most.

While many reserved this treat for special occasions, for us, it became a year-round delight. Her dedication to mastering challenging dishes elevated every family function, creating memories we cherish.

What made those gatherings truly special was her unwavering love for family. From civic holiday to Superbowl Parties. She would seize any excuse to bring us together.Her love transcended the kitchen.

I recall a moment when she took a bus, bearing a piece half of corn, just to share its sweetness with me. Mangoes and other simple joys were also shared this way.

Her perseverance to connect, even through traffic and bus rides, showcased her commitment to spending precious moments with her grandchildren.

The perseverance she displayed in those moments is a testament to her enduring commitment to family. Whether through a delicious meal or a simple bus ride, she taught us the importance of going the extra mile for those we love.

In addition to being the heart of our own family, Zora played a significant role in the lives of others. Her warmth and culinary talents extended beyond our home, reaching into the hearts and homes of friends and extended family.

Her welcoming spirit turned acquaintances into cherished members of our extended family, as she shared not just meals but love and laughter.

She had a unique ability to make everyone feel like they belonged, creating a sense of community wherever she went.

In times of loss, Zora became a beacon of comfort and love.

To those who lost their mothers, she embraced them as her own children. For those without grandmothers, she showered them with the tenderness only a grandmother could provide. As an aunt to those missing that special connection, she filled their lives with warmth and kindness.

Her role extended far beyond blood ties, making her a pillar of support and love for many who found solace in her nurturing embrace. Let us carry forward her legacy of love, joy, and dedication.

Our hearts may ache with her absence, but the memories of her smiles, her meals, and the love she showered upon us will forever remain etched in our hearts.

O Allah, forgive and have mercy on her. Grant her ease and respite. Make her resting place a noble one, and facilitate her entry. O Allah, forgive her and elevate her station among those who are guided. Send her along the path of those who came before, and forgive us and her. O Lord of the worlds. Enlarge for her, her grave and shed light upon her in it.

If Zora Moneer (Aunty Babsy) has touched your life as well, consider supporting her endowment fund (Waqf), ensuring her legacy continues to make a positive impact for years to come:

(Umar Nasir is a Director of the Olive Tree Foundation).