Canadian groups and politicians condemn attack at Al-Aqsa mosque

Canadian groups and politicians condemn attack at Al-Aqsa mosque

"We’ve seen attacks like this on the Al-Aqsa mosque with Israeli forces attacking Palestinian worshippers for the last three years in a row. We have Passover, which coincides with Ramadan and Easter, and that should be a joyous time when we come together and celebrate all our faiths and heritages but Israeli apartheid makes that impossible by imposing this system of sheer violence on Palestinians," said Aaron Lakoff, Independent Jewish Voices Canada

He urges Canadians to contact their elected representatives and demand that Canada be more forceful in condemning Israel’s actions.

“We need our leaders to turn their words into actions,” he says. “One simple thing Canada can do is impose meaningful sanctions on Israel like stopping arms trade with Israel or banning products from illegal settlements.”

In a release, the National Council of Canadian Muslims posted a call to action.

“We need Canada to recognize the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court in this matter so that criminal violations of international law in the region can be appropriately investigated and prosecuted,” it reads. “We cannot pick and choose when we stand up for human rights.”