EradicateHate 2.0 toolkit released

EradicateHate 2.0 toolkit released

By Samya Hasan

We are excited to finally be able to announce the launch of the #EradicateHate 2.0 toolkit!

In collaboration with the Anti-hate Community Leaders Group, the Council of Agencies Serving South Asians (CASSA) has launched an App for children and youth to combat online hate.

The EradicateHate 2.0 includes content such as tutorials, reflection activities, and infographics to equip youth-focused organizations, educators, parents and young victims of online hate with digital literacy tools to combat online hate. The content also addresses hateful attitudes and beliefs which stem from racist and xenophobic ideologies which result in online hate content.

The digital toolkit is accessible for all and targeted for children and youth. We have also launched digital resources including learning content, awareness graphics, and our very own Eradicate Hate App!  The toolkit and App underwent multiple phases and included consultations from hundreds of youth, educators, parents, and community members.

To download the App, please use the following links:
Google Play:
Apple Store:
You can also find the resources on our website:

This is where you would all come in! We are hoping you can share these resources with your networks and clients. We strongly believe that it could benefit the youth and children, parents, and/or educators in your community!

For any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to my colleagues Noor ( or Pirathajini (


Samya Hasan is the  Executive Director of the Council of Agencies Serving South Asians (CASSA):