Environment boot camp announced for Muslim organizations

Environment boot camp announced for Muslim organizations

The EnviroMuslims Boot Camp is now open!

"We’re excited to announce that our first Boot Camp registration is now open," said the organization.

"If you are an organization led by or serving the Canadian Muslim community and would like to incorporate sustainability into your practice, register your organization to participate in the Boot Camp."

This is a free program for Islamic organizations in Canada, sponsored by Greenpeace.

What does the Boot Camp offer?

An introductory workshop to connect with peers, understand the business case for climate action, and your organization’s impact on the changing climate and environment.

A roundup of your organization’s sustainability efforts to date, and ideas for interventions to become environmentally sustainableEngagement and tailored support from our team to finalize the action(s) you’d like to take.

$1500 seed funding to cover 50% of the costs to implement the measures to become environment-friendly.

Learn more and register on our website at www.enviromuslims.ca/bootcamp/