A memorable day at MuslimFest

A memorable day at MuslimFest

By Farheen H.

I would like to share glimpses of the day when we as DEEN Support Services were honoured and requested by MuslimFest to kick off the event with a performance of the Canadian national anthem.  This is a sign of inclusivity that everyone is welcomed in the community and we as Muslims respect all our friends.

We were all so excited to perform on stage. Green outfits were planned. Lots of practising was done and we eagerly waited for that day.

The singer of the national anthem was Ismail.  My friends who took part in the event were Sana, Dalia, Haneen, Fahid, Sheharyar, Abbas and me.  

There were some children who took part in the performance too. We represented DEEN at Muslimfest.  Staff were always with us, taking us to the stage, and supporting us.

DEEN is like my second home.  Our beloved sister Rabia was there with all her motherly vibes.  The encouragement of Zainab was immensely felt. Respectfully, brother Asif and brother Saad were looking after the group. Sister Sura was encouraging us to have a good performance.

We were very happy to perform the national anthem on stage. We supported one another to show unity among the participants.  The sincerity of the participants and the staff showed immensely.

The family support was great. This shows that the disabled community has the ability to perform on stage in front of an audience. And we showed that we are capable of doing this without fear of performing.

(Source: DEEN Support Services)