You can do something about Islamophobia right now

You can do something about Islamophobia right now

By @studentAsim

There is a fresh new initiative to do something about Islamophobia.

New digital platform, creates “instant” change against Islamophobia. The platform is public, and gives Muslims, allies, and those interested in standing up for Muslim communities, an opportunity to participate in outreach.

Outreach is shown through the power of story. Stories are written submissions. They offer intimate accounts of Muslim communities, and of those communities taken as Muslim, by contributors who have some type of interaction with said communities.

The point? Stories foster understanding, reduce prejudice, and counter Islamophobia. Seeing is believing. Stories are written in first-person, and they are telling—they show nuance. The nuances are where the real benefits lie. Stories show the wrinkles of life, the ebbs and flows, and provide rich details into the lives of Muslims and related communities.

Story outreach is an opportunity for the public to read, learn, and reflect from.

I wanted to create an instant way to make change against Islamophobia and to foster understanding. Something people could easily do — and not make it exclusive, or just for some people — but make it inclusive, and for anyone who cares to come and make a difference. So I created, a digital archive that houses experiences as story submissions of Muslim communities, and those taken as Muslim.

Anyone can participate. Muslims, people of other faiths, and those who want to stand up and do the right thing. The platform is an invitation for the public to come and easily access these digital stories, and to learn from them, and even participate themselves by “doing something about it”, and writing their own stories in support.

Part of the experience is encountering stories you didn’t come here to see. In other cases, it’s the depth of the truths each story contains that can easily give you pause, and realization…

You are invited to make change.

The 5th anniversary of the Quebec City mosque massacre is upon us, AND there is something you can do about Islamophobia right now.

You are invited to participate in a time-sensitive letter writing campaign that stands in solidarity with the victims. The act of letter writing is Action Against Islamophobia.

By sharing sentiments, your letters will create living memories of the victims, and help the public realize the magnitude of Islamophobia.

But time is running out! We need letters before the 29th of January.

Come participate. Be part of change.

I thought of you long before
The world is a digital place
And so are our voices
The platform is easy
So simple to make change
You’re invited
When the victims call us from their resting positions,
They are truly the ones who are retired
The rest of us are accessories…

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