Survey finds that one in four Canadians don't trust Muslims

Survey finds that one in four Canadians  don't trust  Muslims

One in four Canadians don't trust those who belong to the Muslim faith group, according to a new survey by Zabiha Halal, Canada's #1 halal food brand.

This was just one of the findings Zabiha Halal uncovered in a national survey recently conducted by Leger, as part of its 'Sharing Halal' campaign that aims to challenge and dismantle Islamophobia in Canada.

Zabiha Halal | Dear Canada
Zabiha Halal | Dear Canada

The survey also revealed that respondents believe Canada is an inclusive country -- with 81% of respondents reporting that Canada is accepting of people with varying ethnic, cultural, and faith backgrounds – however, one in three Canadians (33%) are concerned with the number of Muslim immigrants entering Canada; and 27% say hijabs should be banned.

These findings identify a significant opportunity to enhance understanding and compassion for the Muslim community in Canada, which Zabiha Halal hopes to help foster among all Canadians.

Zabiha Halal has been showcasing the diversity of people and perspectives the Canadian Muslim community holds in its 'Sharing Halal' campaign.

Now in its fourth year, 'Sharing Halal' aims to give Muslim Canadians a chance to address the Islamophobia they've faced in Canada by sharing their personal experiences, in their own words, while also engaging non-Muslim Canadians by giving them insight into the experiences of the Muslim community and the challenges they often face.

"As a proud Canadian, I know just how much pride we take in being a diverse and welcoming country, but from my own experiences as a Muslim, I know that this openness and acceptance isn't always extended to the Muslim community," said Sarah Khetty, Marketing Director of Zabiha Halal. "We hope that through our 'Sharing Halal' campaign we can show the real people that make up the Muslim community - including their pride, their fear, their frustration - and move forward together with compassion and understanding."

Central to the latest 'Sharing Halal' campaign is a video directed by Muslim Canadian director, Adeel Shamsi, called 'Dear Canada'.

The video serves as an open letter from Muslim Canadians to the rest of the country that aims to foster a deeper understanding of their personal experiences and encourage curiosity, not judgment.

"We asked everyday Muslim Canadians, 'if you had one thing you'd like to tell the rest of Canada about being a Muslim in Canada, what would it be?' Their honest, unfiltered answers captured in the video are more impactful than anything we could have imagined, and really highlight the goal of our 'Sharing Halal' campaign - to amplify the voices and experiences of Muslim Canadians," said Khetty.

To learn more about 'Sharing Halal', stand with the Muslim community, and hear their stories, visit Join the conversation using #SharingHalal.

Working hand and hand with the Muslim community, Maple Lodge Farms launched Zabiha Halal with a line of certified Halal products over 30 years ago.

Today,  is Canada's #1 halal food brand - offering a wide variety of products that are both certified and endorsed by trusted Muslim organizations and community leaders.