Toronto isn’t Toronto without us

Toronto isn’t Toronto without us

Monday January 10th marked the official launch of Scarborough Health Network (SHN) Foundation  Love, Scarborough campaign to shed light on the healthcare inequities in the city of Toronto and raise $100 million dollars for Scarborough hospitals.

According to SHN Foundation, “Scarborough is one of Canada’s most diverse communities, and our community members deserve access to exceptional and inclusive healthcare."

“Over the next few weeks, watch our rally cry all across Toronto as we broadcast our Love, Scarborough campaign on TV, radio, online, billboards, and bus stops throughout the city. It’s time for Toronto to back us up. #LoveScarborough.”

Dear Toronto,
When will we all be treated equally?
Because right now the newest Canadians are in the oldest hospitals
The city’s most diverse area is also our most ignored
And although we make up more than 25% of the population, we get less than 1% of the hospital donations
How is that equal healthcare?
We need you to back us up
Because Toronto isn’t Toronto without us.
Asad Chowdhury leads Scarborough Muslim Community fundraising efforts in support of Scarborough Hospitals

Asad Chowdhury

I’ve lived in Scarborough since 1982. My roots are deep here.
Three of my five kids were born at the same Scarborough hospital, and they all finished high school here.
I’m proud of the life we’ve built and value my community tremendously. SHN is a valued and essential part of that community.
That’s why I’ve been volunteering and fundraising for them for the last eight years.
Since 2013, I’ve helped organize a Yearly Family Day Celebration and fund-raising campaign for the Scarborough Hospitals.
In 2018, I led a team of volunteers to raise $250,000 for SHN within five years, but we were able to do it in less than three.
I’m not saying any of this to be boastful, it’s just an example of what we can do if we all work together to help SHN get the modern facilities and amenities it needs to better serve our community.
I hope this inspires you, and that you will be joining us soon.

Learn more and donate to our Scarborough hospitals by visiting our website: