Summit to address Islamophobia in Canada

Summit to address Islamophobia in Canada

Toronto’s TARIC Islamic Centre is holding its annual Family Summit this coming weekend.

The summit themed, ‘Countering Islamophobia: Effective Strategies and Resources,’ will be held virtually and will be addressed by Muslim leaders, politicians, advocates and policymakers.

“Since Family Day was instituted in the Province of Ontario, the TARIC Islamic Centre has observed this holiday with various family activities, including, our famous family day brunch. Pre-pandemic, an in-person family summit weekend became the format for observing Family Day,” said TARIC Islamic Centre Imam Shaykh Imran Ally.

“In 2021 due to the pandemic, the summit was held virtually under the theme, “Resilience of Muslim families in the pandemic era”. This year, the summit is once again virtual and the theme is, “Countering Islamophobia – Effective Strategies and Resources.”

“Islamophobia is anti-Muslim sentiment and prejudice. It manifests itself in public and private spaces whereby Muslims are viewed with suspicion and unwelcome. In the workplace, it often takes the form of discrimination where Muslim practices and identity is discouraged and at times prohibited. In traditional and social media and political discourse, we see Muslims portrayed as violent and untrustworthy,” added Imam Ally.

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