Spreading good news

Spreading good news

Goodable, the world's first company that uses the power of news to improve  mental health, and Raydiant, the leading in-location experience management platform, have announced a new partnership that will see Goodable TV available to broadcast to thousands of locations around the world, including restaurants, bars, hotels, clinics, offices, and more.

"Raydiant's market penetration is incredibly exciting for us," explains Goodable CEO and Founder Muhammad Lila. "As a next-gen news network that uses news to improve our users' health and productivity, we need to exist wherever our users are. Raydiant is a natural partner for us."

Goodable is a wellness startup that uses the power of news to improve mental health.

Founded in 2020 by veteran Warzone Correspondent Muhammad Lila (CNN, ABC), Goodable has exploded to reach an audience of 40+ million per month, with a revenue model that includes both Enterprise and Health/Wellness subscriptions.

Goodable oversubscribed its first funding round and is backed by Google, On Deck, Goodwater Capital, and one of the biggest names in Entertainment.

"The data is overwhelming. When viewers see content that makes them feel good, it makes them 72 percent more likely to take an action, whether that's spending more, donating, or coming back more often."

"Our customer base is growing, and streaming news and TV content continues to be in high demand," shares Zied Ladhari, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Raydiant. "We're excited to partner with Goodable and to continue creating value through our partner marketplace for our 4,500+ customers across the globe."

Goodable's advanced machine learning filters out the negativity from news feed, then replaces it with daily news specifically designed to improve our mood and productivity. It exists as an app plus a live subscription-based platform that will be on tens of thousands of screens by the end of this year.

The recent announcement is one of several that Goodable will be making over the coming weeks, as it continues to change the way people consume news.

To learn more, visit www.goodable.co. Find a preview of Goodable TV here