Prince Edward Island Muslims to finish Mosque expansion by Ramadan

Prince Edward Island Muslims to finish Mosque expansion by Ramadan

The month of Ramadan will bring good news to the Muslim community in Prince Edward Island (PEI) with a new mosque expansion which will allow more events to be held on-site.

Working hard to finish the expansion by Ramadan, Charlottetown’s mosque is expected to reopen on April 2.

After the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, the new addition will expand the prayer space and allow for several classrooms in the basement.

“Now there will be more people who can join the congregations, especially on Fridays,” Najam Chishti, president of the Muslim Society of PEI, told CBC News.

“Half of them were praying outside, even in winter, even in snow they were bringing their own mats.”

Chisti said the expansion will also allow classes and events to be held on-site instead of at a rented community space.

“Now there’ll be more programs for the children,” he said.

“Hopefully there will be more programs for the ladies that can come and exercise in the community hall downstairs.”

In all, P.E.I. boasts roughly 500 Muslim residents, most of whom live in Charlottetown and pray together.

Before having their own mosque, they would worship wherever they could find the space, from a temporary basement mosque to gymnasiums to university classrooms.

Ramadan is the holiest month in Islamic calendar. This year, it will run from April 2 to May 2 in North America.

In Ramadan, adult Muslims, save the sick and those traveling, abstain from food, drink, smoking and marital relations between dawn and sunset.

Muslims dedicate their time during the holy month to become closer to Allah through prayer, self-restraint, and good deeds.