North America’s first-ever Halal Ribfest comes to Toronto this Summer

North America’s first-ever Halal Ribfest comes to Toronto this Summer

Toronto is nothing short of multicultural. With over 250 ethnicities represented in the region, diversity weaves itself into every aspect of the city’s life. Tradition, values, and lifestyles from all over the world mesh together to create a cultural mosaic unlike any other.

To celebrate the city’s uniqueness while being inclusive of the Muslim consumer – numbered at just over 424,900 – Torontonians will be able to celebrate North America’s first-ever Halal Ribfest this summer.

‘Toronto is the city with the highest concentration of Muslims in North America. Toronto is home to 47 percent of Canada’s Muslims,” state representatives of the Halal Ribfest.

This three-day event will take place from August 26th to August 28th – Friday from 5p.m to 11p.m, Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m to 11 p.m and will be available for the general public to attend.

The festivities will take place at Downsview Park’s Festival Terrace (near Yorkdale Mall) and will feature international barbecues and food trucks from around the GTA. Considered the biggest in the city, this 3.6-acre field outdoor venue accommodates up to 40,000 people.

In an authentic “halal” experience, the festival will exclusively serve Halal meat while avoiding products containing pork and alcohol. Visitors will have the chance to enjoy cuisines from all over the world, from Korean, African to Middle Eastern, and more.

“While growing up in Scarborough, I had often walked past local rib fests, and I can still remember how the smokey smell of barbequed meat used to drive me crazy,” says Raheel Siddiqi, founder of Halal Ribfest.

He adds, “I knew that it was most likely not “Halal,” so actually going inside was out of the question for me, but that did make me feel left out!”

A festival catering to all audiences, this family-friendly outing will have kids yearning for more as they partake in carnival rides and games and enjoy crowd-favorite eats and treats.

Guests can enjoy dishes from chefs and grillmasters from around the world while strolling down the lineup of the GTA’S most exotic cars, motorcycles, and classics that will be present during the car meet and SuperCar show.

A shopping market with vendors selling clothing, accessories, and gifts will also be available.

For those looking to meet and greet their favorite social media influencers, names such as Saleh Family (Will and Sana Saleh), Mehdina TV (Mehdi Isa and Mubina), and more will be present to catch up with their fans.

An accurate representation of the diversity that Toronto embraces, this festival is set to bring friends and family together, unlike any other event.
Priced at $10 per entry, a portion of the profits will go towards charities to give back to the community. This year’s Ribfest guarantees a lifetime of memories – pre-order tickets now by clicking here!