MuslimFest returns

MuslimFest returns

MEDIA RELEASE: After a two-year COVID-19-induced hiatus, the Muslim festival of the year is back. MuslimFest is an annual cultural festival celebrating the diversity of the Muslim tradition.

The must-attend summer event is a flutter of excitement. MuslimFest showcases a range of art, musical, theatrical, and comedic performances, as well as hosting an array of diverse food options, shopping stalls, and community organizations.

If the last two years have taught us anything, it's the importance of a community that feels like family. MuslimFest conjures exactly that: an unparalleled feeling of belonging and representation. Attending MuslimFest is like coming home. And after two years of the pandemic, we’re ready to do just that.

MuslimFest is a breath of fresh air in its honest representation of culture, diversity, and the realities of the average Canadian Muslim. In light of the recent surge in Islamophobic violence shaking the collective morale of the Canadian Muslim community, events like MuslimFest are increasingly important.

Public cultural festivals like MuslimFest provide an avenue for community members, especially youth, to strengthen their sense of identity and belonging through creativity, art, entertainment, and contributions through volunteerism and leadership. They also serve as an open-arm invitation to the wider community to witness Muslim culture in all its multi-faceted richness and connect on a deeper level breeding a sense of rapport, understanding, and allyship.

The pandemic lockdowns pushed us online & drive-in events and granted us the unique opportunity to expand from one annual event to multiple events. We are taking this forward and for the first time in its history, Muslimfest will be taking place in multiple cities across Canada. We invite you to join us for the celebration of the best in Muslim Art, Culture, and Entertainment on & at:

MuslimFest is an annual cultural festival that brings together Muslims from all over Canada and even across the globe. MuslimFest has played a large role in encouraging arts and entertainment as well as showcasing the diversity of Muslim culture and identity. MuslimFest is a celebration of the intersection of religion and culture.

Launched in 2004, today, it is considered North America’s largest Muslim festival of its kind, attracting over 68,000+ attendees annually. MuslimFest is one of Ontario's top 100 festivals and is listed among top 40 Best festivals in North America by