Muslim talk show launched in Canada

Muslim talk show launched in Canada

By Memona Hossain, Co-host - Islam & Life

The Muslim Association of Canada is excited to launch our newest production series "Islam & Life", a weekly, live talkshow that speaks to the relevant issues of the community and brings substance for people to think about from an Islamic perspective.

Through this show, our hope is to look at relevant topics that we can unpack and discuss within an Islamic framework, as Muslims here in Canada.

We look forward to our guests who are on the ground and seeing what is happening, to help us contextualize and guide us to gain depth in these topics.  

Our guests are contributing to the Canadian Islamic narrative either through activism, academic research, and regular community engagement.  

The live Q&A segment enables our audience to join and ask their thought-provoking questions, so we can have a live conversation and build these understandings together.

Each episode features two unique segments which will help us explore a relevant topic through the lens of knowledgeable scholars of Islam along with experts in the field.

This show aims to contribute to the narrative about Islam and Muslims from an authentic, balanced Islamic perspective and inspire the audience to engage and strive towards taking meaningful actions that will benefit the communities around us, InshaaAllah.