Mural unveiled in London mall in memory of the Afzaal family

Mural unveiled in London mall in memory of the Afzaal family

On Saturday, February 19th, the White Oaks Mall in London, Ontario honoured and remembered the Afzaal family with many members of the Muslim community.

On June 6, 2021, Yumnah Afzaal, with her parents and grandmother, were killed in an act of terrorism in the City of London.

Less than a year prior to her death, Yumnah completed the depicted mural in the basement of her school.

The mural was created to inspire her fellow students to follow their ambitions and believe in hope.

In honour of Yumnah, White Oaks commissioned renowned artist Amer S.M. to create the artwork to ensure her legacy and the message lives on. It's inspired by Yumna Afzaal’s mural painted in the basement of LMM.

The piece shows Yumnah in a moment of inspiration, painting her mural. The artwork is currently on display at White Oaks Mall.

It will be gifted to the London Muslim Mosque to extend Yumnah's legacy.

“London Muslim Mosque (LMM) would like to thank Jenna Fayed, Jeff Wilson, Rahim Ladha and the entire management of Bentall Green Oak for this incredible and heartwarming memorial,” said LMM.

“LMM is also grateful to Amer S.M. for his awe-inspiring work. He created the mural without ever seeing the original mural.”