Islamic App for Muslim women launched in Canada

Islamic App for Muslim women launched in Canada

Muslimah, an Islamic app for Muslim women, has been lauched in Canada following its success in Britain.

The app helps Muslim women integrate the many aspects of faith with day-to-day life.

Muslimah can instantly locate prayer spaces in Mosques and multi-faith centres and identify whether spaces are female friendly.

According to the Muslimah team, it is designed with the Muslimah user in mind and is the only Islamic app tailored for Muslim women.

“We understand what it is like to balance a busy lifestyle and faith. We are all united by our drive to empower Muslim women and we aim to ensure that no stone is left unturned, whether it is helping to keep count of missed fasts during Ramadan or creating reminders to recite supplications during a hectic day,” said Zeba Tahsin, Secretary for Muslimah. “We are working towards creating a comprehensive tool to help the Muslim woman fulfil her obligations.”

Muslimah was founded in 2018 by Aysha, who at the time was a third-year medical student.

She was out shopping in London when she encountered a problem many Muslim women face regularly - where can I pray?  

Even though there were many local mosques around, a lot of prayer areas do not accommodate females, so Aysha had no choice but to miss her prayer - a fundamental part of practicing her Islamic faith.

Aysha knew this had to change. Thus, the idea for Muslimah was born.

Launched in September 2020, Muslimah saw over 600 downloads in two weeks of going live.

Muslimah was shortlisted for the Islam Channel Technology Award 2020,  was showcased to Her Majesty the Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge and won the Idea Factory 2019 competition from over 200 applicants.

As well as the prayer space locator, current features of the app include a salah tracker so users can keep up with their five daily prayers, duas (supplications) that pop up after the user track a prayer, and blog articles that focus on balancing faith and life.

“We are also in the midst of rolling out our period tracker, a much needed resource for Muslim women to track their missed fasts and other related practices. We want to be more than just a prayer app—we want to be the one-stop app for a Muslim woman’s every need,” said the Muslimah team.