Is there a doctor on the plane?

Is there a doctor on the plane?

Toronto doctor Aisha Khatib was about one hour into her Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Entebbe on December 5th when the call went out, “Is there a doctor on the plane?’

A Ugandan worker returning home to Uganda from Saudi Arabia was about to deliver her first child.

Khatib did not hesitate when the voice on the intercom asked if there was a doctor aboard the flight.

“Never thought I’d be delivering a baby on a flight! Thanks to the airline crew who helped support the birth of this Miracle in the air! Mom and baby are doing well and healthy!,” said Dr. Khatib.

The baby was born healthy and was named Miracle Aisha, after the doctor.

Dr. Khatib was helped by two other passengers - an oncology nurse and a paediatrician from Doctors Without Borders (MSF).

As a gift, Dr. Khatib gave Miracle Aisha the gold necklace that she was wearing with the name Aisha written in Arabic.