Is the CRA targeting Muslim-led charities in Canada?

Is the CRA targeting Muslim-led charities in Canada?

Alex Neve and Leilani Farha recently published an op-ed in the Globe and Mail, "If the CRA is targeting Muslim-led charities, Canadians deserve to know," about the Canada Revenue Agency's suspected targeting of Muslim-led charities, noting a pattern that started under Harper and has continued under Trudeau.

They write:"In recent years, members of Mr. Trudeau’s government have received complaints that the CRA’s counterterrorism financing unit, the Review and Analysis Division (RAD), has been disproportionately targeting Muslim-led charities."

"The CRA denies specifically targeting Muslim charities. But the fact remains that 85 per cent of RAD-revoked charities are Muslim-led."The CRA has "cited national security concerns" to avoid releasing data on this issue.

As Neve and Farha point out: "This catch-all excuse has often been used to mask governments’ biases against Muslims, including here in Canada, until the claims’ fragile and dubious nature is challenged and exposed."

Canadians, especially Muslim Canadians, deserve answers from the Trudeau Government: Is the CRA targeting Muslim-led charities?Link to op-ed: