Halal Expo Canada comes to Toronto, May 12 - 14

Halal Expo Canada comes to Toronto, May 12 - 14

Halal Expo Canada, an exhibition and conference, is set to take place from May 12 -14 at the International Center in Toronto.

“As a gateway to the North American growing Halal market, Halal Expo Canada 2022 will gather the highest quality products and services of the Halal industry. A meeting point of Halal buyers and suppliers between East and West,” said the organizers.​

“From Food & Beverage to Pharmaceuticals to Cosmetics, from Finance to E-commerce and Logistics to Tourism and more, the entire halal industry will gather under one roof providing traders and buyers with the ideal platform to network and share market insights.”

The Canadian halal food market is estimated to be worth over USD $1.2 billion. It’s a market that is growing in importance as Canada’s Muslim population of 1.5 million is increasing at roughly 13 per cent annually.

According to INTERPOC studies, the world’s Muslim population continues to grow at rates much higher than many other ethnic groups, and in North America specifically, it has already surpassed the annual global growth rate of 2.3% to 2.9%.

Consumers of Halal beef and other products in North America are primarily Muslims with a growing appetite for new products.

Based to a report from Thomson Reuters, the global halal food industry is estimated at USD $2 trillion, and it’s estimated that in the future it could account for 20 percent of the world’s food trade, making it most promising sub-sectors in the world today.​

“Halal Expo Canada 2022 is not just an event or classic trade show. It is a unique platform with various business and trade activities that will offer manufacturers, traders, exporters, buyers the chance to have face-to-face negotiations to make business deals and right decisions immediately,” said the organizers.