Faith groups join to support food banks to mark Easter, Passover and Ramadan

Faith groups join to support food banks to mark Easter, Passover and Ramadan

An Interfaith Food Drive is being held across the country to mark the holy days and seasons among the Abrahamic faiths during the month of April: Passover for Jews, Lent and Easter for Christians, and Ramadan for Muslims.

“During this holy season, we come together in solidarity, compassion and kindness and join the Give 30 Campaign to support local food banks,” said Muneeb Nasir, Executive Director of the Cordoba Centre for Civic Engagement.

“There are many people in our world who find it difficult to make ends meet; the pandemic has only amplified their struggles and their needs. During this holy season as we take stock of our blessings, let us turn our minds and hearts to those who may not have enough.”

From April 15 - April 30, participating churches, synagogues, mosques and other faith groups will be asking their members and congregants to make a contribution at and invite their family, friends, colleagues, and neighbours to follow their example. The Give 30 Campaign allows donors to make a donation to a foodbank of their choice in their locality.

"All our faiths call us to service - to give comfort, aid, and fellowship to those in need. Let's unite in common humanity to harness this principle and make a better world for all," says Ziyaad Mia, founder of the annual Give30 campaign.

“Let's be generous, kind, and compassionate to the friend and the stranger alike and respond to selfishness with generosity, division with social solidarity, and meanness with compassion and kindness,” added Muneeb Nasir.

Further information about the food drive and the participating faith groups can be found at the website: