Edmonton SafeWalk helps Muslim women feel safe in the city

Edmonton SafeWalk helps Muslim women feel safe in the city

Edmonton SafeWalk, a new program by Sisters Dialogue, was launched on Saturday at Bannerman Community League to offer a buddy system for Muslim women, especially Black women, when they are  walking around or running errands in the city.

"The idea that people are safer in numbers and on walking together," said Aisha Ali, board member at Sisters Dialogue. "Of all the things that have been happening against Muslim women, in particular Black Muslim women, there has been an increased sense of fear and hyper vigilance within our community."

There have been several attacks on Black, Muslim women in Edmonton and the new initiative aims to make women feel safe.

Sisters Dialogue is a grassroots organization that provides culturally safe spaces and supports for Muslim women and girls.

“For this pilot, we're focusing support on Black, racialized and visibly Muslim women, though all are welcome to both access the service and volunteer,” said Sisters Dialogue.

Edmonton SafeWalk is a pilot program created in partnership between Sisters Dialogue, the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues and the City of Edmonton.

The pilot will run over the summer of 2022, from June to August and walks will be limited to the Bannerman, Fraser, and surrounding communities in north east Edmonton.