Canadian Muslim scholar Shaykh Muhammad AlShareef passes away

Canadian Muslim scholar Shaykh Muhammad AlShareef passes away

Canadian Muslim scholar and founder of AlMaghrib Institute, Shaykh Muhammad AlShareef passed away suddenly in Dubai on Thursday, July 21.

“AlMaghrib grieves the passing of its founder Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef who suddenly returned to his Lord this afternoon in Dubai,” said AlMaghrib in a statement. “Shaykh Muhammad was our leader and teacher, and he inspired hundreds of thousands of students to learn Islam.”

“We ask Allah that it be counted in his scale of good deeds with him, and that Allah beautifies his reception, forgive him his sins, and enter him into Al-Firdaws.”

The Funeral (Janazah) prayer for Shaykh Muhammad AlShareef will take place on Friday at Al Quoz Cemetery in Dubai.

Muhammad AlShareef was born in 1975 and raised in Canada. After memorizing the Quran in Canada, he attended the Islamic University of Madinah and graduated with an Islamic Law degree in 1999.

On returning to North America, he founded AlMaghrib Institute in 2002 in the US. He is also the founder of DiscoverU, a personal development institute.

AlMaghrib Institute revolutionized how Islamic education was presented to millennium generation, college students. The Institute offered Islamic courses as weekend intensives and in a format that university students could relate to.

The seminars were held on university campuses and, over the decades, hundreds of thousands of students in North America and other Western countries would benefit from the seminars.