A historic visit to Ukraine by leaders of the world’s faiths on April 12

A historic visit to Ukraine by leaders of the world’s faiths on April 12

A high-level delegation of religious leaders will pay a historic visit to refugee camps and the city of Chernivtsi, Ukraine this week.

“In times of crisis, friendship and solidarity are offered. Elijah Interfaith Institute’s  vision of “Friendship Across Religions” finds concrete expression in the solidarity mission of faith leaders, of all major faith traditions, to Ukraine,” said Elijah Interfaith Institute.

The leaders will visit the Chernivtsi region and surrounding encampments to demonstrate friendship, offer comfort, and share experiences of maintaining spiritual well-being under distressing circumstances.

As part of this visit, a public event will be held in the city’s main theatre, where the faith leaders will address refugees and other citizens impacted by war.

Their words will be accompanied by live musical interludes from faith institutions outside the Ukraine, testimonies from refugees, and interactions with audience members. This will be the first public event permitted at the theatre since the war began.

You are invited to follow this unique pilgrimage of friendship, to be inspired by the testimony it offers and to become part of the journey.

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Religious Leaders: Affirm the Declaration of Friendship Across Religions.

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