Walied Soliman wins $500K defamation award against Islamophobic 'alt-right' commentator

Walied Soliman wins $500K defamation award against Islamophobic 'alt-right' commentator

Walied Soliman, a Toronto Muslim lawyer who chaired Conservative leader Erin O’Toole’s leadership campaign and the recent Conservative Party election campaign, has won a $500,000 defamation award against Daniel Bordman, a self-styled “news commentator” who used YouTube and other internet platforms to target Soliman with a series of hateful Islamophobic broadcasts.

“I grant Mr. Soliman a summary judgment against Mr. Bordman. I award Mr. Soliman injunctive relief and general and aggravated damages of $500,000,” wrote Justice Perell of the Superior Court of Justice in the October 21, 2021 ruling.

“I won my defamation case against Daniel Bordman! It’s a good day for any Canadian who values truth over misinformation. And a good day for Muslim-Canadians who have been defamed or victims of online hate,” said Walied Soliman in an online comment.

In the action, Walied Soliman, alleged that he was defamed by the Islamophobic hate speeches of the defendant, Daniel Bordman.

The alleged defamatory statements were video streamed across the Internet from a newsroom studio at TAG TV and from the Bordmans’ family home on various Internet social media and alternative news media.

Walied Soliman asserted that Bordman, in addition to being a defamer, is a hatemonger, a racist, and a member of the alt-right community of demagogues, hatemongers, conspiracy theorists, and Islamophobes.