The time for action is now: Muslim Council of Britain welcomes COP26

The time for action is now: Muslim Council of Britain welcomes COP26

The Muslim Council of Britain is welcoming the start of the UN Climate Change Conference, COP26, taking place in Glasgow from Sunday, 31st October to 12th November.

World leaders, campaigners, activists and industry representatives are set to gather to discuss commitments from previous accords and a vision for 2050. The conference represents a critical opportunity in global efforts to avert climate catastrophe.

COP26 will also coincide with the beginning of Interfaith Week 2021, traditionally a time for faith groups to come together and celebrate the diversity of belief and culture in the UK.

This year, different faith communities will be reaffirming their commitment to preserving our shared home – coming together to promote environmental sustainability and climate action at a grassroots level across the UK.

“Environmental sustainability, reducing wastefulness and showing kindness to living beings are integral concepts in Islam,” said MCB Secretary-General Zara Mohammed. “Muslim communities in the UK are becoming increasingly engaged in climate action; be it projects aimed at promoting environmental sustainability within Mosque communities, reducing waste and promoting greater awareness of climate justice in collaboration with partners from different faith and community groups.”

“COP26 is an opportunity for world leaders to turn words into  meaningful action. This opportunity must be used to make the strides necessary to avert the climate catastrophe we are facing. The time for action is now; we owe it to our future generations.”