Imam Saffet Abid Catovic appointed to head ISNA Interfaith & Community Alliances Office

Imam Saffet Abid Catovic appointed to head ISNA Interfaith & Community Alliances Office

The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) recently announced the appointment of Imam Saffet Abid Catovic to head its Washington, DC Office for Interfaith, Community Alliances, and Government Relations.

"We are thrilled to welcome Imam Saffet back into the ISNA family in his new leadership role as he revives, revitalizes, and expands ISNA's important work and various programs in the Nation's Capital", said ISNA's Executive Director, Basharat Saleem.

Saffet brings with him a Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA) and years of interfaith and community development experience. He was closely involved in the Muslim Youth of North America (MYNA), and more recently was a founding member of ISNA's Green Initiatives Committee (previously known as the Green Mosque Task Force).

He also served for many years as the Muslim Chaplain at Drew University where he received his MA in Religion and Society and is currently completing his Doctorate of Ministry.

"It is indeed a great honor and blessing to be joining the ISNA Executive Director's dedicated and accomplished team. I am excited and looking forward to continuing to honor the proud legacy of ISNA's pioneers through realizing the vision and mission of ISNA in my work in DC,” said Imam Saffet A. Catovic regarding his appointment. “I hope to expand and deepen ISNA's community engagement within the Muslim communities and cooperation with the National Muslim organizations in the DMV metropolitan area as we work together toward developing a more unified, robust and inclusive civic engagement.”

“I am looking forward to strengthening our existing alliances and programs with our Interfaith partners, and to draw the circle wider to include many others as we work on the critical issues of racial, economic, socio-political, and environmental justice, as well as immigrant and human rights."

The Islamic Society of North America is a continental Muslim organization based in Plainfield, Indiana and is one of the largest, representative bodies of North American Muslims.

"I have known Saffet step by step going up the ladder for decades to represent us all on the highest mountain of power and service, the Capitol Hill and in New York at the UN headquarters,” said former ISNA President and the Founding Director of the ISNA Office for Interfaith and Community Alliances (IOICA), Dr. Syeed M. Syed.

“Brought up in the cradle of Islamic mission in America, nursed with a strong unwavering commitment to deliver the message in America, he has the experience, passion, and readiness to assume his new leadership role and we are looking forward to supporting him throughout his important work - congratulations ISNA!"