Couple helps Muslims find Halal Eats in Montreal

Couple helps Muslims find Halal Eats in Montreal

Ayesha Ali and her husband, Ali Mazhar had difficulty finding halal food outlets when they moved to Montreal from Calgary so they decided to do something about it by starting the Montreal Halal Eats Facebook Page where people could share recommendations of halal restaurants and food outlets in the city.

“Montreal Halal Eats started when we moved to Montreal and were in search of halal food of all sorts,” Ayesha Ali told “We thought of starting a Facebook platform on which people could share their experiences and halal food places in Montreal.”

“This group has helped a lot of Muslim community members to ease their search for halal restaurants, halal meat, halal grocery items etc.”

“Let’s make this group a one stop source for all your local Halal inquiries for restaurants, groceries, home cooked meals and meat,” said the couple on the FB page.

While the Facebook Page allows subscribers to post their recommendations to halal food outlets, the couple moderates and approves the entries.

“My husband and I are the moderators of this group and yes, we approve posts,” said Ali. “The posts should meet the criteria of the group for approval.”

The response from the Muslim community has been overwhelming with over 1.1K subscribers to the private FB page.

“The response from the community has been very much positive and overwhelming as this is the first of its kind group in Montreal which only focuses on halal options in the city for all the Muslim community,” said Ayesha Ali.

With the success of the FB platform, the couple has future plans for promoting the halal marketplace in Montreal and broadening halal options in mainstream businesses.

“Yes, we have plans in the future to promote and encourage local franchises and businesses to start having halal options  to widen the  halal food options for the community,” said Ali.  “This would  even turn it  into an opportunity for the local  food business owners as an increase in their revenues and profits.”