$1 million donated by Mississauga Muslims to hospital

$1 million donated by Mississauga Muslims to hospital

Over $1 million have been donated so far by the Muslim community as part of a $5 million pledge for the redevelopment of Mississauga Hospital, it was announced yesterday at a public BBQ hosted by the Sayeda Khadija Centre.

According to Abdul Qayyum Mufti, a Trillium Health Partners Foundation board member, the event was held to thank the Muslim community “for donating over a million dollars toward the $5M pledge for the redevelopment of Trillium Health Partners Mississauga Hospital.”

Abdul Qayyum Mufti has led and organized the gift with his closest friends and business associates.

Abdul Qayyum Mufti and Mayor Bonnie Crombie 

Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie attended yesterday’s event and in a Facebook post thanked Mississauga Muslims for their generosity, “With A.Q. Mufti at the Sayeda Khadija Centre for another generous donation to THP Hospital, part of the $5-million pledge from Mississauga’s Muslim communities for the redevelopment of the Mississauga Hospital. Big thank you to Imam Slimi & everyone who generously donated!”

In August 2020, the community announced the record-breaking pledge of $5 million to redevelop and expand Mississauga Hospital, one of three sites that make up Trillium Health Partners (THP).

The donation is the largest gift to a hospital by the Muslim community in Canadian history, said a statement from THP, and shows the Muslim community’s commitment to its faith and the long-term health of the city and the region.

Launch of $5M pledge in August 2020

“I want to thank Abdul Qayyum Mufti and the Muslim community for showing the true Ontario spirit in making this generous contribution to support our front line heroes at Trillium Health Partners,” said Ford, in a statement, at the gift announcement last year.

At the same launch event, former Mississauga mayor Hazel McCallion said the Muslim community in Mississauga has stepped up and is helping to build a “beautiful new hospital” for the city.

The Trillium Queensway site has served Mississauga well, said McCallion, but an upgrade is now needed.

“That was our first hospital,” she said. “It’s old. We need a new one.”

With more than 1.75 million patient visits last year, including some of the highest numbers of births, surgeries and emergency visits, THP is the largest community-based acute care facility in Canada, seeing over 1.75 million patient visits last year. Over the next 20 years, THP will experience more demand for care than any other hospital in the province.

Leaders of the Muslim community are encouraging all community members to contribute towards fulfilling the pledge, “When you give today, your generosity will help redevelop our Mississauga Hospital site, ensuring we can meet rising demand with high-quality care.”