Scarborough Muslim Community Achieves $250K Pledge

Scarborough Muslim Community Achieves $250K Pledge

The power of a community coming together should not be underestimated. That was the reminder that Scarborough Health Network (SHN) got when told that the Scarborough Muslim Community had hit their fundraising goal in a record amount of time. In just two and a half years, the community achieved an incredible $250,000 pledge in support of the SHN hospitals – a commitment that initially had a 5-year timeline.

“I think it’s a testament of how much the Muslim Community cares about Scarborough and are willing to give back,” shared Asad Chowdury, one of the initiative’s leaders. “It’s important to highlight this achievement to inspire Scarborough residents and show what we can accomplish when we come together in support of something important such as our community hospitals. We’re so grateful to SHN for taking care of our community, especially during this difficult time.”

The initiative was first conceived in January 2018 by the Scarborough Muslim Community to help support exceptional care, new facilities, and state-of-the-art medical technology at SHN. It was quickly met with enthusiasm and support from more than 20 local community mosques led by Asad Chowdhury, Khalid Saifullah, Muneeb Nasir, Abujafar Mahtab and their committee.

Since the launch, many other individuals, organizations and Scarborough-area mosques poured in with gifts and support towards the pledge. In the campaign’s first year alone, the community raised more than $128,000 – a telling sign of things to come.

As part of their collective fundraising effort, the Scarborough Muslim Community also led and participated in SHN Foundation’s annual Family Day Walk-A-Thon, which has been a prominent engagement event with the Muslim community for the past 7 years.  At the 2020 event earlier this year, more than 100 members of the community showed their support.

With the $250,000 pledge now met, the funds raised will go directly towards SHN Foundation’s vision for building better health care facilities and improving patient care across the hospitals.

“It’s inspiring to see members of the Scarborough community come together and support our hospitals through a community-led initiative.” Said Alicia Vandermeer, President & CEO of SHN Foundation. “To reach a five-year goal in only half the time shows the passion and hard work of the Scarborough Muslim Community. This gift will enable us to continue shaping the future of care for our patients and families in Scarborough.”

SHN Foundation would like to recognize the top donors from the Scarborough Community Muslim pledge:

– Ansar Financial ($25,000)
– Scarborough Muslim Association ($36,000)
– Masjid Al-Jannah ($25,000)
– Sunaatul Jamaat Mosque ($20,000)

As always, SHN Foundation is incredibly grateful for the support of donors like the Scarborough Muslim Community for their tremendous generosity and for helping ensure that our hospitals receive the support necessary to improve patients’ lives through exceptional, world-class, inclusive care.

[Source: SHN Foundation Newsletter]