Sri Lankan Muslim Community of Canada Statement on terrorist attacks

Sri Lankan Muslim Community of Canada Statement on terrorist attacks

The Unified Sri Lankan Muslim Community of Canada (USLMCC), a collective group of religious and civic organizations, is grieved by the heinous attack on multiple churches and hotels in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday that mercilessly claimed the lives of Christian worshipers on their holy day.

Our prayers go out to the innocent victims, their families and the people of our motherland during this unspeakable tragedy.

According to Islamic teachings, all religious places are sanctuaries where people come to find solace and peace. It is abhorrent that this peace is disrupted, sanctity is violated, and lives are shattered by terrorists who subscribe to no religion nor any moral ideals. We strongly condemn the terrorist attacks that shook our motherland after a decade of peaceful living.

The Unified Sri Lankan Muslims Community of Canada expresses its deepest condolences to the families and friends who lost their loved ones in this senseless attack and offers prayers for the injured for a speedy recovery and to gain mental strength to come out of this trauma. USLMCC also offers its sympathies to the Sri Lankan-Canadians who lost their family members, friends or relatives in this tragedy and stands in solidarity with the Christian religious and community leaders in Toronto in their hour of grief.

USLMCC prays that God Almighty envelop those who lost their lives with His mercy and compassion. May He grant relief to the injured and ease the pain of all those who have been impacted.

List of Organizations:

1. Canada Sri Lanka Muslim Association
2. Masjid Ut Taqwa
3. Sri Lanka Malay Association Toronto
4. Quraan & Hadeeth Society of Canada
5. Masjid Al Jannah
6. Zahira Colombo OBA
7. United Maple Sports Club
8. Sri Lankan Muslims of Peel
9. Serendib Youth Canada
10. United Sri Lankan Community of Canada
11. Canada Lanka Volunteer Association
12. Glow Toronto