Faith Alliance Spirited Citizenship Tour

Faith Alliance Spirited Citizenship Tour

Faith in Canada 150 held luncheons in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, and Halifax this past week in celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary.

“The Faith Alliance Network luncheons are designed to encourage the celebration of faith in Canada as part of the overall Canada 150 celebrations,” stated the organization.

“We’re building a network of faith based individuals and organizations that plan on celebrating the important role of faith in Canada both this year and every year. We want to help these organizations and individuals inspire, equip, and mobilize their communities to collaborate on unique efforts that tell the story of faith in Canada for 2017 and beyond.”

“We do not want to erase our religious differences, but rather, learn how to live together as neighbours, with these differences.”

The luncheons were addressed by Sachi Kurl, Executive Director of the Angus Reid Institute, who presented Angus Reid Institute’s analysis of Canadians’ attitudes towards faith and prayer in private and public life, and how religious plurality separates and brings us together.

Other speakers at the cross-country luncheons were Dr. Andrew Bennett, Director of Cardus Law, and Greg Pennoyer, Director of Faith in Canada 150.