Canadian Muslims welcome neighbors into mosques

Canadian Muslims welcome neighbors into mosques

Across the country, Canadians were invited to visit a mosque on Sunday, October 15.

The Visit My Mosque initiative was launched this year the Canadian-Muslim Vote for Muslims to welcome their neighbors from all faiths and those without a faith.

Visit My Mosque Day is one of several other similar mosque open day initiatives globally.

“Visit My Mosque is about opening a channel for Muslims and non-Muslims to interact, thus building bridges to a stronger Canada and Canadian community,” said the organizers of the initiative. “Through Visit My Mosque, we hope that questions are answered and connections are created.”

“A recent Gallup poll has shown that the more likely one is to know a Muslim, the higher chance that person has of expressing more positive feelings towards Muslims as a whole,” added the organizers. “Visit My Mosque aims to battle Islamophobia by fostering an environment of open communication and engagement.”