Stewards of the Earth: Fulfilling Our Environmental Trust

Stewards of the Earth: Fulfilling Our Environmental Trust

The Muslim Chaplaincy at the University of Toronto in collaboration with – A Sacred Trust and BlossomPure Organic brings you this Winter 2016 Symposium, titled “Stewards of the Earth: Fulfilling Our Environmental Trust.” We’re also greatly indebted to the Muslim Students’ Association @ University of Toronto for their constant support and assistance.

The current environmental crisis is a reflection of a deeper spiritual disease that has polluted the hearts of many people today. As Muslims, we believe that we have a duty towards all of God’s creation, and that abusing that trust compromises our connection to the Divine.

God the Exalted warns us in the Quran of the dangers of corrupting the earth: “Corruption has appeared on land and sea as a result of what people’s hands have earned, and He will make them taste the consequences of some of their own actions so that they may turn back.” (Quran 30.41)

In this Symposium, we will cover some of the following topics:
• The metaphysical relationship between the believer and the environment.
• Modern food industry and the spiritual blessing of wholesome food.
• Practical methods and initiatives to fulfill our environmental trust.

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