Muslims Mourn Renowned Writer Idris Tawfiq

Muslims Mourn Renowned Writer Idris Tawfiq

Idris Tawfiq, a renowned British Muslim writer, public speaker and consultant who enriched the Islamic world with his articles and lectures passed away on Wednesday, February 17, the news which spread sadness among his readers.

“It is with immense sadness that I share the news of the passing of our beloved brother and teacher Idris Tawfiq today,” Omar Ali, a humanitarian and senior manager at British NGO Human Appeal, wrote on Facebook.

“He had been hospitalized recently in a comma and he returned to his Lord at 8.30am this morning.”

Originally from UK, Tawfiq is a former Roman Catholic priest who reverted to Islam seven years ago.

For many years, he was head of religious education in different schools in the United Kingdom. He used to live in Egypt.

“I know people whose lives changed after engaging with Idris. A former Catholic priest that became Muslim and touched the hearts of people from all faiths by building bridges of kindness and understanding,” Omar added.

He added that Tawfiq offered the true beautiful image of Islam, inspiring thousands of young Muslims to understand their faith.

“He preached the beautiful message of Islam from Al-Azhar to almost every ISOC in the UK as one of the biggest supporters of FOSIS,” Omar wrote.

“His books inspired tens of thousands of young Muslims to understand their faith. And it goes without saying that hundreds, if not thousands of people accepted Islam through Idris.”


The love message spread by Idris Tawfiq continued to inspire Muslims who mourned his loss.

“There are people whom you meet and they leave an eternal impact on you. Their warmth, kindness, love and humility are second to none. They carry nothing in their hearts but love toward others,” Ali Alhadithi wrote on Facebook.

“Their lives are characterized by sacrifice and giving, striving to heal a broken world, making it a better place. Today the world lost one of these souls, a true role model and teacher to thousands.

“May Allah bless your soul, Idris Tawfiq, and may He grant patience to your family. You may have left the world to a better place, but your legacy will continue to inspire many.”

Others created a special page to share the beautiful memories they had with Tawfiq to remember the way he inspired them.

“A page for us to share memories, photos and prayers. Idris Tawfiq touched the hearts of thousands from all corners of the globe. May God bless his soul. Information on his funeral to follow God willing,” a Facebook page titled, Idris Tawfiq – In Loving Memory, says.

“His friendly smile will never be forgotten. May God bless his soul and grant him the highest station of paradise,” another post reads.