Muslim Welfare Centre - 'Service to humanity is service to God'

Muslim Welfare Centre - 'Service to humanity is service to God'

Statement by Mr. Raymond Sung Joon Cho, MPP Scarborough–Rouge River, in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, November 24, 2015.

I feel very honoured to introduce the Muslim Welfare Centre, an organization that’s been providing excellent community services locally and internationally for over 20 years.

The centre is located in my riding of Scarborough–Rouge River.

It serves all communities without any distinction.

Their services include three food banks, school nutrition programs in 19 GTA schools, Meals on Wheels, two free medical clinics, and the list goes on.

Twenty years ago, they also established a shelter for needy women and children.

It provides culturally sensitive services for them.

They began a new tradition by providing the first free halal Sunday lunch for homeless people in the Regent Park area.

They also provide a similar service in my riding.

These services are an important collaboration between various ethnic and religious groups, and it’s a wonderful Canadian example of charitable giving.

They also work internationally on various projects, such as installing pumping wells and providing free education and health care programs in needy communities.

I’m especially proud to have known and worked alongside its founders, Mr. and Mrs. Major Abbas Ali.

While this inspiring couple has since passed on, the centre has continued to do its mission and vision.

I hope to continue working together with them in the spirit of “Service to humanity is service to God.”