Iftar Fundraiser for Muneeba Centre set for June 24

Iftar Fundraiser for Muneeba Centre set for June 24

DEEN Support Services is holding an Iftar Dinner and fundraiser for the Muneeba Centre on Friday, June 24 in Scarborough.

The Muneeba Centre, a facility that will offer support programs and respite services for people with disabilities, was officially opened on Saturday, May 14 in Mississauga.

“Our community is extremely generous,” Rabia Khedr, DEEN Support Services founder, told IQRA.ca. ”We are asking that our sisters and brothers to give to programs and services that are critical to improving the quality of life of our community’s most vulnerable members in this holy month.”

“There is a myth out there that government gives everything to people with disabilities,” Khedr added. “Alhamdulillah, government provides many opportunities, but not everything. We are filling a gap in order to support the unique needs of Muslims with disabilities.”

The keynote speaker at the Iftar Dinner will be Dr. Munir El-Kassem and it will take place at the Estate Banquet and Event Centre, 430 Nugget Avenue, across from Islamic Foundation of Toronto in Scarborough starting at 6:30 pm

Muneeba1After running a successful Sunday Activity Night Program for over 4 years supporting a number of young people, DEEN Support Services now has its first home in the GTA and will expand to provide a number of programs identified by individuals with disabilities, their families and advocates.

“Many adults with developmental disabilities find themselves with nowhere to go and nothing to do after finishing school,” said Rabia Khedr. “They face a significant impact on their life and their caregivers’ quality of life.”

“DEEN, which stands for Disability Empowerment Equality Network, will fill a gap in the lives of many,” adds Khedr. “We intend to provide individuals and their caregivers a flexible and affordable program that responds to their diverse cultural and spiritual needs and life skills goals.”

“The DEEN Day Program will operate extended hours supporting caregivers in a way that no program does at present. It will give caregivers the support they need to pursue training, education and jobs.”

The organization’s commitment to inclusion states that, “We believe that we as all human beings are unique and perfect as created. Our ability and disability experiences are a natural aspect of life. We have the right to make choices and take risks. We have the right to practice and experience our cultural and faith traditions. We have the right to be valued, respected and included in society and in our communities.”

Tickets for the event can be purchased HERE