Canadian Muslims applaud Law Enforcement Agencies on thwarting terrorism plot

Canadian Muslims applaud Law Enforcement Agencies on thwarting terrorism plot

Canadian Muslims applauded law enforcement and security agencies for thwarting an alleged terrorism plot in southern Ontario.

“Canadian Muslim communities are relieved that this alleged terrorist plot has been thwarted by swift action by the RCMP and our security agencies,” said Ihsaan Gardee, Executive Director of the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM),

At a news briefing held by the RCMP today, it was revealed that Aaron Driver, a 24-year old man living in Strathroy, Ontario who had pledged support for the Daesh terrorist group, was killed during a police operation on August 10th after security agencies received a tip from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation that Driver was going to commit a terrorist attack.

Reports indicate that Driver had detonated an explosive device during the operation and that he was about to detonate another.

Driver lived in Strathroy, located just west of London, Ontario, where he came to the attention of the London Muslim Mosque.

“Aaron Driver came to the attention of London Muslim Mosque over a year ago after he moved from Winnipeg as part of his peace bond,” the London Muslim Mosque said in a statement. “Mosque officials immediately informed the police of his presence and kept the authorities apprised of their engagement efforts.”

“The Mosque knew of his views, and chose not to turn a blind eye to the problem of violent extremism,” said the Mosque administrators. “We engaged him with the hope of changing his views on Islam and to show him the true, peaceful nature of our religion. We constantly monitored his activities within the Mosque and did our best to keep the authorities engaged with our activities.”

“With the strongest of language, as a community, we condemn any form of extremist or radical behaviour as being contrary to the teachings of Islam,” stated Nawaz Tahir, spokesperson for London Muslim Mosque. “Such behaviour has no place in our community, and cannot be tolerated.”

Earlier today, London Mayor Matt Brown reached out to Muslim leaders to reaffirm his commitment to working with the mosque in combating Islamophobia.

“I’ve worked with the London Mosque for many years and strongly believe that at times like this we need to stand together,” said Mayor Matt Brown. “I applaud the mosque for working with our police partners to keep our community safe.”

“We have and will continue to denounce and speak out against violent extremism and this grotesque ideology of violence and hate,” said NCCM Executive Director Ihsaan Gardee.

“While details are still unfolding in this case, it is not clear how Mr. Driver was radicalized and what attempts were made to de-radicalize him.  NCCM will monitor the developments in this case as the investigation continues.”