Canada’s First Halal Dining Show - Breaking Bread breaks down Barriers

Canada’s First Halal Dining Show - Breaking Bread breaks down Barriers

(January 12, 2016) – Halal food has taken the GTA by storm.

You can now find any type of halal cuisine you are craving in almost any part of the city – something that was impossible a decade ago.

It’s no longer small mom and pop dives that feature halal food but large chain restaurants such as Paramount Fine Foods or Bamiyan Kabob that offer a variety of global halal dishes.

The halal food industry is booming, with mainstream brands wanting to carry more product and focus their marketing on this area of food production.

This explosion in halal food has led to a new dining show, Breaking Bread, showcasing halal food across Canada.

Breaking Bread is the brainchild of co-creators Salima Jivraj and Sheba Siddiqui.


The first of its kind in Canada, each episode features a different halal restaurant and local chef.

Their goal is to bring attention to all of the delectable dining options that offer halal fare across Canada while presenting the vast cultural backgrounds and traditions of Canadian Muslims.

The first season of Breaking Bread offers food from local eateries across the Greater Toronto Area including burger joints, Somali food, Italian favourites and even hand-pulled Langman noodles from an area in northwestern China where over two million Muslims reside.

Each episode informs viewers of the unique halal options in their area from a variety of countries around the world including key dishes and feature recipes.

Breaking Bread hopes to break down barriers in the Muslim community and showcase all of the amazing food and culture that our communities have to offer. Stay tuned for an exciting season that exemplifies Toronto’s halal diversity.

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