ISNA Announces "Greening Our Ramadan" Campaign

ISNA Announces "Greening Our Ramadan" Campaign


(May 18, 2015) – The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and its Green Masjid Task Force recently announced a campaign to encourage Islamic centers and mosques to make their Ramadan more environmentally friendly by adopting five practices for this Ramadan.

“Being sensitive to the harm that we do to our environment and committed to living in harmony with nature, we, as Muslims, must seek to implement practices and policies that are environmentally friendly.  So this Ramadan, let’s live up to our role as khalifah in the earth by Greening Our Ramadan,” ISNA’s President Azhar Azeez wrote in a letter to American Muslim leaders.

ISNA is requesting American Muslim organizations to adopt the following five practices for this Ramadan:

  1. Conserve food at iftars and avoid being wasteful by giving excess food to people in need
  2. Use biodegradable products for iftars and not Styrofoam cups and plates
  3. Recycle material, especially plastic water bottles
  4. Replace all light bulbs with energy saver bulbs and thus conserve electricity
  5. Give a sermon (khutbah) on the Islamic imperative to conserve and protect our environment