Local Handmade Gift Ideas for Children

Local Handmade Gift Ideas for Children


By Hafsa Taher

(September 27, 2013) – Eid is just around the corner. And yes, that’s means planning parties, gifts, and fun! This Eid, I encourage you to consider buying handmade gifts that are made for local artisans.

I’ve scored high and low to find you 7 awesome gift recommendations for children ages 0-5:

1.     Arabic Alphabet Magnet set:

Fill your homes with Arabic letters and sounds from a very young age. These magnetic Arabic alphabets are just one way to do this, available in small (better for little ones who tend to put everything in their mouth) and large (for the slightly older child who is starting to learn their alphabet sounds). Each magnet is locally handmade with care and thought. The sets are beautifully packaged with sturdy tins for easy storage. By buying local, you are making an investment in your community.


Find them locally at The Craft Souk at 3031 Markham road. Unit 32 in Scarborough, or online.

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2.     Reusable Sandwich/Snack Bags:

The bags make a great gift for babies and toddlers as well as for adults too. They are a perfect size for your sandwich, bagel or even for snacks like crackers, cereal, cookies, apples, grapes, celery, carrots and more. The bags come in many boy, girl and gender neutral prints.

Reusable Snack/Sandwich bags are so much better than plastic zip-lock bags. Kids love the gorgeous outside prints and the inside of the bags is lined with food safe water-resistant material that is CPSIA compliant, lead, phalate and BPA free. Moreover the bags can also be personalized with the child’s name for free! Children will be thrilled to have the bags with their name written on it.


Find them through Email (omee.bubu@gmail.com), on their Online store and facebook

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3.     Halal candy

Lindsay from Blossom & Bean makes gourmet halal marshmallows as well as imports halal gummy candies from Turkey. 

Blossom & Bean uses halal beef gelatine with traditional candy making methods to create these fluffy treats. They are unique and differ from store bought because they are made fresh which gives them a soft  and fluffy texture. They are always coming up with new flavour combinations and the mallows can be enjoyed on their own, in a cup of hot cocoa or milk or melted on a s’more. 


You can also expect all the classic gummies, like cola bottles, gummy bears and sour worms with halal beef gelatine as well as some new gourmet yogurt based gummies. 

Find them online or visit their new retails location at Kaamilah boutique in Scarborough (3031 Markham Rd, unit 32). Also on facebook and Twitter/Instagram: @blossomandbean

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4.     CuteKnits provides customized, handmade knits and crocheted items for your baby. CuteKnits believes in making things with one’s own hands is the most blessed way to work – and babies deserve all the love and comfort in the world!

 You can choose the colors, style, and size of each knitted item for your baby. Each item is specifically made to order. With CuteKnits your baby’s items will be one of a kind!


Find them through email cuteknitsorders@gmail.com,  Facebook, Instagram  and online store

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5.     Handmade fabric banners:

Nida’s Special Occasions specializes in making handmade fabric banners of all kinds to brighten any space. Name banners, Happy Birthday banners, or Eid Mubarak banners, are just some of the many popular and possible options that are offered.  The banners are virtually suitable for anyone, any purpose and occasion! 

Each banner is handcrafted and personalized by order, so rarely are the same banners ever made twice. Bright and bold letters are painted against modern fabrics to add an eye-catching effect to the design.  Fabrics are used on both the front and back of each piece and fused together permanently. The final touch is given by adding embellishments like sequence, trim, gems, and flowers. 


Find them through email nidarais@gmail.com and Facebook.

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6.     Customized Islamic/Arabic Art:

All paintings are done on top grade canvases using high quality acrylics. No two pieces are ever the same, so you are guaranteed an original work of art.


At SoneArt, you can choose from our existing art or we can work around your paint palette, size requirements and desired Arabic text, from your child’s name to your favorite passage from the Quran.  

To find them, call 416-508-0337 or on Facebook

7.     Eid Card Making Kit: (by yours truly!)

At HafsaCreates, we strongly believe in encouraging creativity and imagination in children. Hence, Eid card making kit includes everything from, blank cardstock, ribbons, patterned paper for decorations  to Eid Mubarak calligraphic stamped sentiment – in essence, everything needed to professional looking Eid cards within minutes (and to parents’ relief, without breaking the bank)


To find us, check out our online store and facebook

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I leave you with top 8 reasons to buy local handmade gifts:

1.     When you buy handmade, you receive a product made with love and passion.

2.     Handmade gifts are almost always unique and nifty. There’s almost never the same two!

3.     Feel like a hero by supporting a local talent. Buying a product from them, you are encouraging them to keep going and give more of their talent to the community.

4.     High quality that’s built to last. Artisans take pride in their work and want it to last.

5.     Customization! Since every product is made with you in mind, ask the artisan to add your child’s favorite color or even their name to the product. How cool is that!

6.     With every dollar you spend, you are voting for the sort of world you would like your child to grown in. Buying local helps the environment.  Handmade items aren’t made in a waste-producing factory and shipped halfway around the world using fuel and energy. In the U.S. (alone), industry admits to releasing over 4 billion pounds of toxic chemicals a year (Story of Stuff)

7.     Customer service: artisans are always excited about engaging with their customer. Yes, they want a sale, but they are looking forward to serving you as a human being.

8.     Pick up locally and save on shipping. Contact the artisan ahead of time and ask if this is an option!


About the author:

Crafting for over 5 years now, Hafsa Taher has a blog to share her passion with others. The blog has now grown into an Etsy store, where you can find her recent handmade cards, and her most recent product and first ever, Eid card making kits for kids.