Toronto Alive with Turkish Culture this Weekend

Toronto Alive with Turkish Culture this Weekend

Toronto’s David Pecaut Square is alive this weekend with the sights, sounds and aromas of Turkey.

The 6th Annual Toronto Turkish Festival is underway in the square outside Metro Hall in the heart of downtown Toronto.

The Festival celebrates Turkish culture with music, exhibitions, arts, crafts, dance, shows and delicious food.

On Saturday, the fine Turkish cuisine, from kebabs to pastries, was on display.

Turkish-style doner-kebabs, tantuni kebabs, shish kebabs and famous pita style sandwiches were popular foods on sale.

The making of gozleme, a traditional crepe filled with feta cheese, attracted curious crowds.

Also, distinctive traditional Turkish crafts, such as paper water marbling (Ebru), and carpet weaving is being performed on site, as well as, musical performances and folk dances.  

The Toronto Turkish Festival is organized by the Canadian Turkish Friendship Community (CTFC), in which is devoted to the promotion of Turkish Culture and Language in Toronto and Canada as a non-profit and charitable organization since its inception in 2005.

One of its objectives is to contribute to Ontario’s society in terms of promoting intercultural events, and another is to support educational and cultural activities open to the public.



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The Festival continues until tomorrow, Sunday, August 26.

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