Riders Without Borders – spreading kindness one town at a time

Riders Without Borders – spreading kindness one town at a time

Biking 1000 kilometers through 100 towns in 10 days, from Toronto to the province of Quebec, to perform selfless acts of kindness is the mission of a diverse group of young people taking part in the Riders Without Borders initiative.

“This ride is about serving communities, helping others, and spreading kindness in a creative and innovative way,” says Hosam Helal, one of the riders. “As a rider, the joy of cycling through the beautiful scenery is multiplied by the reward of helping others.”

The riders began their journey on August 25 and are currently going across Ontario. They are scheduled to conclude their initiative in Quebec on September 6.

Inspired by faith, driven by servitude and motivated by their communities, the cyclists hope to present gifts to children in hospitals, visit homes for the elderly, volunteer at food banks and help out in homeless shelters, in the towns and cities they ride through.

“I am a Registered Nurse and in my line of work, sometimes I feel powerless in helping my patients through devastating diagnoses,” says Nour Al Farawi, another rider. “It breaks my heart when things our out of my hands and there is not much I can do.”

“With Riders Without Borders, I not only have the power to help others, but I get to challenge myself both physically and mentally.”

Follow Riders Without Borders at www.riderswithoutborders.com/riders and www.facebook.com/RidersWithoutBorders