Muslims support Mississauga hospital with Walkathon

Muslims support Mississauga hospital with Walkathon

(February 17, 2012) – Families in Mississauga will be celebrating this Monday’s Family Day in a big way with a walkathon that will raise funds for the city’s Credit Valley Hospital.

The Muslim organization, ICNA Canada (Peel Chapter), along with Mississauga’s Muslim Community will be holding the 2nd Annual Save Family Values Family Day Walkathon at Mississauga City Centre, 300 City Centre Dr., near Square One.

“We have got almost every major Masjid and Islamic Center on board for the event,” A. Qayyum Mufti, Walkathon Coordinator, told “We have got support from all walks of life and age group.”

Family Day is observed as a public holiday on the third Monday of February in Ontario as well as in the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Last year’s inaugural walkathon raised $50,000 for the hospital.

The goal of the organizers is, once again, to raise $50K towards the Muslim community’s pledge of $250,000 to help fund medical equipment and hospital expansion.

The Family Day Walkathon is endorsed by The Credit Valley Hospital Foundation and is part of its Lifetime of Care $45 million campaign.

According to the event organizers, “The purpose of the walkathon, besides raising funds for the charity, is to raise awareness of the unfortunate deteriorating situation of our family structure.”

Following the Walkathon, around the City Hall, starting at 10:00 am, there will be presentations by children and dignitaries focusing on family values and on this year’s theme, ‘Our Seniors.’

“Our slogan for the Walkathon is ‘Seniors have Silver in their hair and Gold in their heart’ which reflects our purpose to honour and respect our seniors,” said A. Qayyum Mufti.

“During the program we are going to recognize outstanding service of seniors with certificates of appreciation,” he added.

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