Maher Zain headlines Toronto benefit concert

Maher Zain headlines Toronto benefit concert

Maher Zain headlines Toronto benefit concert

(February 26, 2012) – International singing sensation and multi-platinum artist, Maher Zain, headlined a benefit concert at Mississauga’s Living Arts Centre tonight, much to the delight of an adoring crowd.      



The benefit concert was organized by Islamic Relief Canada (IR Canada) to raise funds for orphans and children in-need.


“We hope to open the eyes of our community – to show them that the children worldwide and even right here at home in Canada need our help,” says IR Canada’s CEO Sallah Hamdani. 

Maher Zain burst onto the international stage in 2009 with his debut album, Thank You Allah, which became a worldwide sensation.

The record took top position on’s world music chart, and was the best-selling album of the decade in Malaysia.

Zain is happy to be back and connecting with fans and supporting such a worthy cause.

“I look forward to seeing a lot of people com[ing] out and supporting Islamic Relief Canada,  … hav[ing] a great time and rais[ing] much needed funds for children around the world,” said Zain. 

 Maher Zain is among a new genre of Muslim artists whose music fuses the east and west.

 This fusion is evident in his videos, Insha’Allah and The Chosen One, which have almost 25m YouTube views between them.


Joining Zain at tonight’s concert were two popular Canadian artists Irfan Makki and Moez Mellon.

The evening proceedings were moderated by Canadian comedian, Waseem MoeMoney and included an update on Islamic Relief’s work around the world.

A spirited fund raising appeal was made by Shaykh Alaa El Sayeed and the audience responded generously with an outpouring of donations to support Islamic Relief Canada.

The concert was part of a 3-city Canadian concert series put on by Islamic Relief Canada to raise awareness of the plight of vulnerable children around the world.

Islamic Relief (IRCanada) is a registered charity and is the largest Muslim charity in the world.

Founded by a group of medical students in 1984 in response to the famine in East Africa, Islamic Relief has offices in over 40 countries.


With global stats indicating that there are 143 million orphan children worldwide and nearly 70 million children who cannot attend school due to poverty, discrimination, or a lack of resources, the plight of the world’s children is dire. 

IR Canada hopes, through the concert, to raise awareness about the global status of orphans and children in-need.

“We don’t want to just list of the facts and figures and guilt the community into giving,” said Sallah Hamdani.  “Rather, through this family-friendly concert series we hope to bring the community together and inspire them, by showing them what we are capable of accomplishing when we work together.”


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