Flemingdon community food bank seeks support

Flemingdon community food bank seeks support

The Flemingdon Community Food Bank in the Toronto neighborhood of Thorncliffe Park is appealing for funds to save it from closing its doors.

“While our fundraising  team continues to look for ways to raise money, we the Board of Directors are making this urgent appeal to you to save us from closing the doors of this food bank,” Abdul Hai Patel, the Acting Chair of the organization, said in an appeal letter.

The Flemingdon Community Food Bank is located in one of the most culturally diverse communities in Toronto, serving many immigrants, new Canadians and refugees.

The community is made up of multi-faith and multi-cultural groups of over 27,000 people who speak 90 different languages and represent 130 ethnic groups.

The Food Bank provides 3,000 pounds of food a week which serve over 2,000 families a month, 1,000 of which are children.

It was run by the Red Cross for 25 years.

When they left the community, the Anglican Ministry took up the responsibility of running the Food Bank from the Don Mills Plaza.

Following termination of its lease as a result of the revitalization of the plaza, the Food Bank moved to 10 Gateway Boulevard (located at the corner of Don Mills Road and Gateway Boulevard) in May 2009 and a coalition of Muslim organizations and Christian churches formed the new corporation known as the Flemingdon Community Food Bank to continue offering the service.

Run by volunteers, the Food Bank is dependent on the generosity of others to sustain itself.

According to Abdul Hai Patel, the Food Bank has been very fortunate with donations of food and supplies from the community but financial contributions have not kept pace with the rising costs associated with running the service.

Currently, the food bank has rent arrears in the amount of $30,000.

“In addition to this, we need to be able to move forward and cover our fixed expenses of $3,100 per month, which include rent, delivery charges, pest control and supplies,” said Abdul Hai Patel. “Fortunately, a staff coordinator’s salary for the next two years has been covered by a City of Toronto Program (Investing in Toronto).”

To support the Food Bank, please send donations made payable to Ansaar Foundation to:

Flemingdon Community Food Bank
10 Gateway Boulevard – Lower Level
 Toronto, ON M3C 3A1

or donations can be made online through the Ansaar Foundation website: http://www.ansaarfoundation.org/ (indicate Food Bank)