Canadian Muslim Artist Ibrahim Shalaby passes away

Canadian Muslim Artist Ibrahim Shalaby passes away

Well-known Muslim Canadian artist and proud Palestinian, Ibrahim Al-Shalaby, passed away in London, Ontario on 27th August, 2012.

He will be missed by all who knew him but will live on through his art.

Ibrahim Shalaby was born on March 20, 1956 in Amman, Jordan, a proud Palestinian and a Canadian architect and artist.

Ibrahim was particularly well-known for his powerful paintings of the Palestinian people, as well as for his passion for justice and peace in the world.

Ibrahim was endeared by thousands of people in North America and the Arab world.

His most recent work included the Heritage, Folklore, Civilization, Culture of the Middle Eastern countries and with a unique Artwork that reflects his Islamic Vision.

May Allah accept him in His Mercy.


To My Dear Fans,

My thirst is still being quenched by my childhood memories. Neither Canada nor the US has been able to quench my thirst or have given me quietness and tranquility. I am still unable to establish an understanding and a harmonious relationship between myself and these countries… I still feel that my memories and my entire body and soul are attached to my homeland every moment of my life. My memories keep taking me back to my original homeland, gathering the heritage of a people that has refused to desert its homeland in spite of severe hardships. Here I am, still wandering around in the streets of beloved Jerusalem, and I am still hearing the chanting coming out of the holy Aqsa Mosque’s minaret.

Farewell, till we meet on the beloved soil of Palestine, InshaAllah.

Ibrahim Al-Shalaby