Islamic History Month across Canada

Islamic History Month across Canada

(November 14, 2011) – October was Islamic History Month across Canada.

Islamic History Month Canada (IHM) is an educational and cultural project that was developed and sponsored by the Canadian Islamic Congress.

Throughout the country there were many community and public events – exhibitions, lectures, celebrity tours, book fairs, award presentations and activities.

The objective of IHM is to motivate and inspire Canadian Muslims to annually share their history, heritage and culture with fellow Canadians during one month, to be called the Islamic History Month (IHM).

This year’s featured speaker was award-winning former diplomat Michael Hamilton Morgan, a novelist and nonfiction author.

Morgan spoke in a number of Canadian cities on the topic, Islam’s Contribution to Enlightened Governance, Pluralism and Diversity as a Civilization.

Michael Hamilton Morgan speaking at Masjid Al-Salaam Burnaby B.C.
Masjid Al-Salaam Burnaby B.C.
Kingston, Ontario
Islamic Society of Kingston, Kingston Ontario
Imam Sikander Hashmi speaks to visitors during a tour of the prayer area, Kingston Ontario
Special lecture by Jean-Michel Cros, head of religious affairs for the municipality of Strasbourg, France - Kingston Ontario