Conservatives win majority, NDP are official opposition and Liberals decimated

(May 2, 2011) – The Conservatives win a majority in today’s Federal elections and the New Democratic Party came in second, taking over as the official opposition.

The Liberal party was relegated to third place, the first time in Canadian history that the party has been in this position.

The Bloc Quebecois was almost wiped out in Quebec with the NDP picking up the most seats in the province. The Bloc’s leader, Gilles Duceppe was defeated in his riding and announced his resignation as party leader.

Green party leader, Elizabeth May won the party’s first seat, taking Saanich-Gulf Islands in British Columbia.

There was a meltdown of the Liberal party in the Greater Toronto Area with the Conservatives poised to win 30 of 44 seats.

Many high profile and long serving Liberal MPs lost their seats in the GTA, including Liberal party leader, Michael Ignatieff.

Incumbent Liberal, Yasmin Ratansi lost in Don Valley East and Omar Alghabra failed to win in Mississauga-Erindale.

Liberal incumbent Rob Oliphant lost in Don Valley West, a riding that has one of the largest Muslim communities in Canada.